Medical Professionals Who Understand Fibromyalgia Do Exist

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Symptoms of fibromyalgia tend to vary from person to person. However, there is one indication that’s constant among most patients—frustration. The one common denominator among sufferers is the difficulty in finding a fibromyalgia physician who acknowledges their condition and takes their experiences seriously. Instead, many hear that “it’s all in your head” all too often.

Fibromyalgia Is Real

About four million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, which is about 2% of adults. Fibromyalgia is second only to osteoarthritis when it comes to muscular and skeletal disorders.

Fortunately, recognizing and treating this condition has become much less controversial. In fact, fibromyalgia is included in our healthcare system’s ICD-10-CM for insurance billing. Also, with the Social Security Administration’s acceptance of disability claims, increasingly more physicians are beginning to understand that fibromyalgia is a real disorder that causes pain and interferes with daily life.

There’s Help and Hope in Cincinnati

Seeking out a fibromyalgia doctor who understands your suffering is one of the first steps to successful treatment. You’ll find support, healing, and compassion at Blatman Health and Wellness Center. We offer holistic and regenerative therapies right here in Cincinnati for back pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Contact our office to speak with someone or schedule an appointment.

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