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Blatman Health and Wellness Center is proud to announce our participation in Ohio’s medical marijuana program, which began on September 8th, 2017. Our wellness clinic has been specializing in the holistic management of chronic pain and other disorders since 1988. Medical marijuana and CBD oils have been welcome additions to our diverse array of treatment options for our patients. Our practitioner, Dr. Blatman, is currently certified as a medical marijuana recommending doctor. Further information will be available as the Ohio program becomes more active.

How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription?

Technically, you can’t get a medical marijuana prescription, but you can get the next best thing — a medical marijuana recommendation.

Because marijuana currently remains a Schedule 1 substance illegal under federal law, MMJ doctors cannot technically prescribe marijuana. Instead, what an approved medical marijuana doctor can do is make a recommendation that allows you to use it medicinally under state law. You will need to register with the State Board of Pharmacy and have a Medical Marijuana Card. After your office visit and qualification, your credentials will be put in the Ohio database, and the state will send an email allowing you to pay money and register. Then your card will be emailed to you. This card will expire after one year, and it will need to be re-validated every 3 months by the doctor after your office visit to maintain access to the dispensaries.

Currently, no doctor can prescribe marijuana. Only approved MMJ doctors in the state of Ohio can recommend medical marijuana. Only Ohio certified medical marijuana doctors can authorize the card that allows access to dispensaries where these products can be purchased.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy awarded a medical marijuana dispensary certificate to Verilife, located in the 5400 block of Ridge Avenue. It was be the first medical marijuana dispensary in the city of Cincinnati. Currently, there are 47 approved medical marijuana dispensaries in the State of Ohio.

There are currently at least 13 medical marijuana dispensaries in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. These include:

  • Have a Heart Cincy
  • Verilife
  • Verdant Creations
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Bloom Medicinals
  • About Wellness Ohio
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Mad River Remedies
  • Pure Ohio Wellness
  • Debbie’s Dispensary
  • Terrasana Dispensary
  • The Forest Springfield
  • Pure Ohio Wellness

To legally purchase medical marijuana at any of the above Cincinnati dispensaries, simply show up and present your medical marijuana card.

How to Obtain Your Ohio MMJ Card from an MMJ Doctor

Certified Cincinnati medical marijuana doctors and physicians across Ohio can recommend marijuana to patients who have a qualifying medical condition. Eligible conditions include chronic pain, cancer, spinal disease, and more. It’s important to note that cannabis doctors do not actually prescribe medicinal cannabis. If you qualify, you’ll receive a medical marijuana recommendation (which works similarly to a prescription) that you can then use to obtain a MMJ card  to purchase medical marijuana and CBD oil from a registered dispensary. If you’re experiencing pain now – don’t wait for a medical marijuana card to become available.

Health Conditions that Currently Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Ohio

● Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
● Alzheimer’s disease
● Cancer
● Chronic traumatic encephalopathy
● Crohn’s disease
● Epilepsy or another seizure disorder
● Fibromyalgia
● Glaucoma
● Hepatitis C
● Inflammatory bowel disease
● Multiple sclerosis
● Pain that is either chronic and severe or intractable
● Parkinson’s disease
● Positive status for HIV
● Post-traumatic stress disorder
● Sickle cell anemia
● Spinal cord disease or injury
● Tourette’s syndrome
● Traumatic brain injury
● Ulcerative colitis
● Cachexia, or Wasting Syndrome

An Ohio mmj doctor approved to recommend medical marijuana will need to diagnose you with one of the above conditions, or agree with the medical records of your specialist who has diagnosed you previously in order for you to qualify.

We Will Accept Medical Marijuana Cards

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program is active, and we’re proud to be one of the medical cannabis clinics in Ohio. Dr. Blatman has been approved as one of 600 MMJ doctors in Ohio that will be able to recommend marijuana medicinally. While he cannot technically prescribe medical marijuana, he can make a medical marijuana recommendation, which pretty much accomplishes the same thing.

In order to receive a medical marijuana license, you’ll need to receive a recommendation from a certified clinic. Once you receive your recommendation, you can apply for a license. Your license will last one year and will allow you to possess medical marijuana and CBD oil. Access to the dispensaries is provided 3 months at a time as your condition and response to treatment are recorded. Medical cannabis available in Ohio includes topical patches, CBD oil, raw herbs, edibles, and more. Smoking cannabis remains against the law. Medical ingestion will have to be technically done through alternative methods such as edible consumption, vaping, or topicals. Public consumption will also continue to be against the law. Consumption will need to take place in the privacy of your own home.

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