Managing Lower Back Pain At H ome

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We at Blatman Health and Wellness Center want you to be healthy and pain-free. We offer a variety of treatments aimed at banishing your lower back pain. While you’re being treated here, continue your care at home with these simple tips.

Exercise your core

The muscles in your back and abdominal area play an important part in stabilizing the spine, but the average person does not get enough exercise in these areas. If the muscles weaken, there is additional stress to the ligaments in the back as well as in the spine itself. Arm and leg raises, cat curls and crunches are great ways to get your core in shape. (But be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen!)

Wear low heels

We know, high heels make your legs look great! But wearing them constantly is not great for your back. High heels cause your body to tilt forward, forcing you to arch your back to compensate. This posture can strain not only your back, but also your knees and hips. It also puts unnecessary pressure on the nerves inside your back. Give yourself a break. Wear low heels most days and hold on to those high heels for special occasions.

Position yourself for a good night’s sleep

Most of us don’t think about our sleeping posture, but those eight hours are important. Sleep on your side in a relaxed fetal position. If you have an extra pillow, slide it between your knees. This keeps your top leg from sliding forward or backward, causing an uncomfortable twist in the back.

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