Keeping Your Skin Young by Avoiding Moisturizer 

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In our pursuit for youthfulness, we sometimes make mistakes that can negatively affect our skin health. Or in some cases, we participate in activities without knowing the true extent of the harm they have on our skin.

From the latest and greatest acne cream to the anti-aging moisturizer that will set you back a car payment for an ounce of it, skincare products are a billion-dollar industry. But how much good are those chemicals actually doing for your skin?

Probably not as much as you think.

Despite the popularity of skin care products, adult acne and premature aging are incredibly common issues in developed countries. In fact, if you’ve ever seen a show on wild tribes, you may have noticed many of them have near flawless skin. And they don’t even have access to the convenient products that we do!

The truth is, you don’t need a chemical moisturizer to maintain healthy, radiant skin. Because chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, you may want to avoid overloading it with a chemical-ridden moisturizer. In most cases, a simple lotion made of coconut oil or shea butter might be all you need.

While most people are focused on external skin care, much of your skin’s youthful appearance actually comes from within. The old saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be truer. If you’re consuming a diet loaded with carbs and sugar, then your skin will likely suffer as a result.

For radiant skin, opt for a nutrient-dense diet filled with grass-fed meats, fish, nuts, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Dermapen Treatment for Younger Skin

Another natural option for those wanting to increase collagen production in their skin and maintain youthfulness is the dermapen treatment. Sometimes called the vampire facial, a dermapen uses microneedling technology that promotes collagen production in the face.  This works especially well when combined with a nutritious diet and supplements like collagen and silica.

If you’re trying to keep your face and skin young, consider opting out of chemical moisturizers and sticking to more natural and safer alternatives.


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