Jack Nicklaus Receives Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

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Jack Nicklaus, the 78-year old golf legend whose won 120 major tournaments and 18 championships, is still swinging away thanks to stem cell treatment.

Born January 21st, 1940, Jack Nicklaus is largely considered the greatest golfer of all time. But despite his hefty achievements, Nicklaus’ career began with debilitating back pain that he rated 8 out of 10 on a pain scale. In fact, his back pain was so severe that he received a total of 9 cortisone injections in his back.

Despite his severe back pain, Nicklaus pressed on in his golf career. It wasn’t until 2015 when he met a stem cell doctor who got him interested in the healing potential of stem cells. In 2016, Nicklaus decided to undergo stem cell treatment for back pain and the results were great. According to Nicklaus, he experienced less pain from golf after only a few months after the shot.

Stem Cell Treatment Takes Time

If you’re suffering from joint pain or deterioration, treatment with stem cells may help you regain mobility and reduce pain. But when it comes to therapy with stem cells, it’s important to note that results aren’t immediate. Why? The answer has to do with how these cells work their magic. First, stem cells are found in all living creatures. These cells have the amazing ability to replicate themselves for your lifetime. And they can also turn into nearly any other kind of cells. That means stem cells can turn into brain cells, skin cells, and even bone cells. But just like when someone breaks a bone or suffers from a cut, it takes time to heal. When stem cells are injected into a joint, the healing process begins, and it often takes a few months until the effects are felt. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the process to take up to a year.

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