Photorejuvenation: Celebrities Love It, but Is It Right for You?

Photorejuvenation skin procedure

Photorejuvenation has become quite a popular trend among the Hollywood crowd. Celebrities Kim Kardashian West and Christie Brinkley credit their great, young looking skin to photorejuvenation treatments, not facelifts, saying the procedure has been effective at diminishing sun damage, age lines, and brought a youthful lightness to their faces and skin.

But what exactly is the science behind skin rejuvenation? Does it work? And can is it more than just a trend for movie stars but a procedure the rest of us can use and benefit from?

“Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most influential advances in cosmetic surgery and was a true paradigm shift,” writes Dr. Joe Niamtu in Cosmetic Facial Surgery. “LSR is both an art and science and it takes years to truly become proficient.”

How Does It Work?

Radiofrequency is used to naturally heat areas of the skin and body to promote the release of collagen, a natural hormone our bodies produce less of as we get older. The collagen fibers make the skin tighter, denser and more youthful looking. It is a safe procedure that generally takes about 30 minutes. Many of our Cincinnati patients liken it to a relaxing hot stone massage. It’s a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that feels more like a spa than a clinical treatment, though the treatment itself is a medical procedure with distinct benefits.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. The medical community has deemed photorejuvenation extremely safe and can be used on all skin types. Your doctor may have some concerns when it comes to pregnancy.

Like many other medical procedures, however, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. It is important to work with an experienced skin physician who not only understands the procedure but your unique skin needs.

“Over the years, I have seen several young, talented doctors with great enthusiasm for adapting LSR,” Dr. Niamtu explains in Cosmetic Facial Surgery. “They purchased a $100,000 machine, read the manual, and jumped in. They unfortunately overtreated patients and encountered severe complications in a short period of time.”

The Importance of Working with a Medical Skin Specialist

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Michele Green concurs. She advised the readers of People Magazine to make sure they work with board certified doctors who are skin specialists.

“Get the procedure from a board-certified doctor with a knowledge of skin — only from physicians in the field,” Dr. Green told People. “Make sure this is what they’ve been doing for a long time, not that they just took a weekend class and you’re their first person. But when in the right hands, lasers are great for the skin.”

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