An Integrative Approach to Pain – Dr. Blatman Speaking Event May 4

Dr. Hal S. Blatman Bio Image

On May 4th, Dr. Blatman will be speaking along with other health and wellness professionals for the:

“WHOLE LIFE”… A Health & Wellness Symposium

Empower yourself to live healthy, prevent disease and feel great for a lifetime.

Presented by Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation. Proceeds benefit and New Hope For Cancer.

THURSDAY, MAY 4 8:30 AM – 4:00 PMShaker Run Golf Club, Lebanon, OH – (Get Directions)

$99 Per Person (Includes Lunch)


Finding & Choosing Mental Wellness, Dr. Allen Lewis, MD

Mental and physical wellness is not just the absence of disease, rather it is living and thriving with joy, purpose and in relationship with others. We achieve this with purposeful living and healthy lifestyle choices; however, there are underlying imbalances in biochemistry, immune dysfunction and bowel health we need to be aware of and heal, if present, to achieve optimal wellness.

An Integrative Approach to Pain, Dr. Hal Blatman, MD

Dr. Blatman will speak on his approach to providing solutions for healing pain, ligament and tendon injury, and fibromyalgia-chronic fatigue syndrome. His treatment combines nutrition, bioidentical hormones, prolotherapy, trigger point injections, herbal medicine, detoxification, stem cell injections and other modalities.

Accelerating Wellness with Thermography, Dr. Anthony Piana, DC

A discussion on both traditional and cutting edge ways to look at health, wellness and disease using thermography. His focus will be on the role inflammation plays in the body which is caused by lifestyle and the effects of disease. Dr. Piana speaks world wide on thermography and health.

Conscious Conception, Dr. Nathan Morris, MD

The first steps to a healthy family happens before your baby is born. Pre-Natal planning starts with you; your health and your environment. Preparing your own body prior to conception allows you to optimize your fertility plus your baby’s development & health; a program for couples to be intentional about their family’s future through functional medicine principles.

Susan’s lecture can be life-changing, whether you wish to prevent cancer, prevent its recurrence, or support someone currently fighting the disease. Susan will speak on…the latest on diet and cancer prevention * what the science says about diet and cancer survival * over a dozen advantages to using nutrition in a cancer treatment program *the best foods and beverages for fighting cancer * how to create an inner environment unfriendly to cancer and more…

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