Improve Your Joints by Combining These 3 Supplements 

vitamin c

With nearly 80 million adults in America expected to be diagnosed with arthritis by 2040, joint pain is a serious concern. By taking preventative measures sooner rather than later, you may be able to reduce your risk of joint problems down the road.

We’ve scoped out three popular supplements which, when combined offer a synergistic effect in protecting your joints.

1) Collagen is comprised of short chain amino acids, the same ones your body uses to repair and build joints, cartilage, skin, hair, and nails. Consumption of collagen is thought to provide your body with these necessary building blocks. Numerous studies(1,2,3,4) have demonstrated the beneficial effects supplementing with collagen peptides has on joint health.

2) Vitamin C is a critical ingredient in the synthesis of collagen(5,6). In fact, it’s so important, that your body may not be able to manufacture collagen from amino acid derivatives unless adequate vitamin C levels are present in each step of the synthesis.

3) Silica is a relatively new contender in the joint health supplement repertoire, but it shows extreme promise in the treatment of arthritic disorders. Studies(7) indicate silica is a rate limiter of sorts when it comes to collagen formation in the human body. Without sufficient levels of this naturally occurring trace mineral, your body may be unable to produce collagen.

Don’t Live With Pain – Take Action Today

When combined, these three supplements offer a potent cocktail in the protection and formation of joint cartilage. With the addition of PRP Therapy, sufferers of joint pain have practical steps they can take to reduce discomfort and live a pain-free life.










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