Hunger Hormone Leptin Linked to Fibromyalgia Pain

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About 10 years ago, Jarred Younger, a psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, brought attention to the association between the hunger hormone leptin and fibromyalgia symptoms. Since then, additional research has shed more light on this hormone’s effects on chronic pain.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that your body fat releases to regulate hunger. Leptin is essential to helping your body maintain a healthy weight and signaling when you’re full from eating. Some people have leptin resistance, meaning that their bodies don’t get that feeling of satiety, which often results in weight gain and obesity.

A decade ago, leptin came under investigation for its possible role in fibromyalgia. Younger’s research revealed that leptin levels fluctuate along with pain. More specifically, higher levels of pain were associated with increased leptin levels.

Younger’s interest in fibromyalgia stemmed from his discovery that leptin was more elevated in patients with fibromyalgia compared to individuals who didn’t have this condition. Younger found that leptin can pass through the blood-brain barrier, which may cause the elusive symptoms.

Current Research Findings

Leptin continues to be implicated for its role in pain and inflammation. For example, additional research makes predictive links between leptin levels and body pain in women. A recent study confirmed leptin’s correlation with the proliferation of widespread pain. Researchers generally acknowledge the need for more long-term studies to investigate this relationship further.

Help from a Cincinnati Specialist Who Treatments Fibromyalgia Patients

Overall, recent findings warrant further discussion of leptin and its relation to widespread and chronic pain. These results may seem discouraging if you have fibromyalgia and are trying to maintain a healthy weight or shed pounds.

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