Healing Your Back Pain with Yoga 


A recent study has found that about 80% of people in the USA will experience back pain in their life. In fact, it’s the second most common reason for disability, costing Americans a staggering 100 billion dollars every year. But what causes this painful condition? Is it our rigid lifestyles? Or the couch potato culture combined with poor posture and unhealthy dietary habits?

Fortunately, a rather simple exercise known as yoga could help reduce or even eliminate your back pain.

3 Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Back Pain

If it’s your first time performing yoga, take it slow. While there are many advanced positions that can help provide chronic back pain relief, overdoing it can worsen your pain. Start off slow with these simple but effective yoga poses for back pain.

1) Cat Pose

Cat pose is a great starting pose that helps stretch your back and provide flexibility to your spinal cord.

2) Downward Facing Dog

One of the most popular and well-known yoga poses, downward facing dog provides deeper stretching to your back and improves circulation.

3) Legs-Up-the-Wall-Pose

Legs-Up-the-Wall-Pose is a favorite of many, perhaps because of how easy it is to perform.

Beat Chronic Pain with Physical Activity

When most people are recovering from an injury, physical activity is probably one of the last things on their mind. But the truth is that rest and relaxation isn’t necessarily the best option when dealing with chronic pain. In fact, it’s well-known that exercise can help dull the pain response and strengthen muscles. That isn’t to say you should go jogging with a broken leg, but you should maintain some semblance of physical activity every day. Physical activity works best when combined with back pain therapy by a physician specializing in pain management. This may include chiropractic adjustments, nutritional therapy, or massage therapy.

Yoga is a very simple way to maintain flexibility and reduce pain levels from the comfort of your own home. It requires little space and costs nothing to get started. Plus, there’s a position for every skill level, whether you’re flexible or sedentary. Go ahead – give it a try!

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