Guest Blog: Addiction and Emotional Polarity Technique

Guest Blog by Sue McLaughlin – Certified EPT Practitioner & Founder of Inner Source Living

The term Dry Drunk is used to refer to the recovered alcoholic who has stopped drinking but has not address the “Why” behind the drinking nor the effects of what it does to their loved ones. In most cases the affected individual is not fully living life because their survival strategy is to try to be in control at all times. The reality is that we humans have very little control over anything in life. Believing that we do is a flawed approach.

The concept of being a “Dry Drunk” can be applied to many other addictions – food, sugar, social media, video games, sex. This strategy of coping is to completely avoid the things that tempt or trigger the unwanted behavior. The plan is flawed for the same reasons. When we try to completely avoid the things that trigger unwanted behaviors, we are not fully living life.

My clients with addictions come to me when they realize their flawed plans are not serving them anymore. They are becoming more and more difficult to manage.

One particular client found herself in and endless cycle of success and failure with her weight loss. She experienced success staying on a healthy diet and exercise program successfully but only for only a few months. Once she got to a certain weight, her subconscious mind stepped in with sabotaging behavior. The weight loss stopped. The results being she felt stuck, frustrated and gave up, gaining all the weight and more back.

Finding the subconscious reasons “Why” allowed her understanding and healing of her old ways of being. Only once this was understood, could she let go of the old sabotaging behavior and successful reach her weight loss goal.

Sue McLaughlin – Certified EPT Practitioner & Founder of Inner Source Living

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