Foods to Avoid if You Have Fibromyalgia 

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Can simply changing your diet be the key to effectively managing fibromyalgia? Researchers seem to think so. Numerous studies point to the possibility that diet could influence fibromyalgia symptoms.  

 Typically, one of the first things a fibromyalgia doctor will address is your current eating habits. Diets high in inflammatory omega six, sugary foods, and trans fats could be worsening your condition. Foods that should be avoided include sugar, white flour, processed foods, fast food, and low-quality cooking oils.  

Your doctor may also test you for not only food allergies but food sensitivities as well. In some situations, you could be consuming a food that is negatively affecting your condition without you realizing it.  

Healthy foods include high-quality proteins, colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, safe starches, and healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil.

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