Food Brochure / Do Not Eat List — Foods That Increase Pain & Inflammation

When you start to think that you don’t like the better choices and healthier foods, try to remember that the food you eat is your body’s medicine. Just like in childhood when your were sick and your mom didn’t care what your medicine tasted like, food choices determine how you will heal and even how well your pain and muscle spasm medicines work. On the other side, there are food choices that will increase your pain. Not only will they make your pain worse, these foods will make your medicine for pain and muscle spasm less effective. Modern science is proving that food choices affect your genes, causing an increase or a decrease in how your genes make proteins that increase or decrease inflammation and pain. Food choices that increase genetic production of proteins that make more pain will affect your body for 3-4 weeks.

The food you eat is what you give your body to use and work with every day. When your body has healing to do, it happens best if you provide the resources and building materials that are needed for the work. If you have chronic pain, the choices you make are so important that they help determine whether your body heals, how well you sleep, and even how well your pain and muscle spasm medications work. Just like putting gas in your car and choosing 87, 91 or 93 octane, the foods you choose to eat affect how much your body has to work with for increasing your energy level, healing, and reducing your pain. Taste buds are affected by the food choices you have made in the past. As you make changes in your diet, your taste buds will change and you will start to taste things you have long ago forgotten.

Learn more by reading our Food Brochure / Do Not Eat List.

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