EEG Biofeedback

If you have experienced a trauma to the brain either through injury or illness, then EEG Biofeedback may be helpful to you. Research demonstrates that EEG Biofeedback can be effective for many brain disorders, such as post-concussion syndrome, open or closed head injury, stroke, seizures, coma, headaches, anoxia, attention deficit disorder, and learning disabilities. Chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical or heavy metal toxicity disorders may also compromise brain functioning.

EEG Biofeedback, also known as Neurotherapy and Brain Wave Therapy, is a non-invasive, sophisticated, computerized process for training in the self-regulation and normalization of brain waves after injury.

When the brain is injured, the electrical impulses in the brain form disorganized brain wave patterns that may disrupt thinking, emotions, behavior, and body functioning. Through EEG Biofeedback, brain waves can be retrained to form organized patterns assisting in the restoration of thinking, emotions, behavior and body functioning.

During the training procedure, non-invasive sensors are placed on designated sites on the scalp. These sensors listen to the brain’s electrical impulses and simultaneously display them on a computer screen.

After analysis of these brain waves, the patient is taught to change their brain wave patterns with the aid of both auditory and visual feedback. Through this feedback, the brain learns to repeat the desired brain wave patterns. As brain wave patterns improve, functioning may improve in many areas such as attention, concentration, speech, memory, problem-solving, planning and organization, emotions, endurance, energy, emotions, and even motor skills.

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