What Causes a Tendon to Tear? 

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A torn tendon is a condition that mostly happens to middle-aged men but it can happen to anyone. It’s usually caused after being injured by a direct blow, such as a car accident or sport injury. If you suspect you’ve injured your tendon, it’s critical that you see a doctor as soon as possible.   

If you delay torn tendon treatment, your injury could worsen and you may prolong the recovery time or even permanently lose some range of motion.    

Most physicians will recommend that you place the injured limb in a cast to prevent movement and allow for plenty of rest. While this is effective and certainly recommended, there are other treatments for a torn tendon that can help ease the pain and promote faster recovery. One potential option is known as platelet-rich-plasma treatment or PRP injections.

With a PRP injection, a doctor will start by withdrawing some blood from you and concentrating it in a centrifugal machine. This concentration of blood is packed with platelets, a component in blood that’s contains numerous healing compounds and growth factors. This healing cocktail is then directly injected into the ligament, which promotes faster healing and reduced pain.  

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