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Nebraskans to Decide on Legalizing Medical Marijuana This November

If voters approve the measure, Nebraska may be the next state to approve medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been certified for inclusion on Nebraska’s general election ballot. Secretary of State Bob Evnen confirmed he would certify the initiative proposal for a constitutional amendment to legalize

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The Growth & Development of Ohio’s Blooming CBD Market

Since CBD was legalized in Ohio when Senate Bill 57 became law in July, the number of businesses selling the product has been growing, well, like a weed. Exact numbers are cloudy, since the Ohio Secretary of State, which records new business filings in the

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Ohio’s Marijuana Dispensaries Struggle to Open

It’s understandable that medical marijuana patients are feeling pretty frustrated across the state. Out of 56 dispensaries that have been authorized to supply medical cannabis throughout the state, only 26 are operational — nearly half, as of August 21. Those 56 may have provisional licenses,

Dr. Hal S. Blatman

Dr. Blatman Is a Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Blatman has been a Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor since the beginning of the Ohio program. Blatman Health and Wellness Center is excited to announce that our founder and medical director, Dr. Blatman, is an officially certified medical marijuana doctor under the Ohio Medical Marijuana

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New Medical Marijuana Patient? Read This Warning on Edibles

With Ohio’s medical marijuana program inching closer to completion, there’s no doubt a long line of patients who are eager to try this “miracle herb” for their condition. In 2018, cannabis is legal in over half of America, with more states legalizing it every year.

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Medical Marijuana & Vape Pens: The Danger of Too Much Dab

Medical marijuana is slowly moving forward to become a reality in Ohio. Patients who meet the requirements can smoke cannabis as early as September without much fear of arrest, though obtaining legal marijuana is not as clear. Under the law, medical marijuana may not be

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