Cannabis and Inflammation: Can It Replace Pain Pills?

medical marijuana

Over-the-counter pain pills can be an effective treatment for some types of pain. However, just because they’re effective does not mean they’re safe.

Pain pills like Advil and Tylenol work by blocking the body’s COX-1 & COX-2 enzymes. The blocking of COX enzymes helps stop your body from producing inflammation Unfortunately, these enzymes are also responsible for protecting your gut. This is why many individuals who use pain pills for a long period of time end up suffering from varying gastric disorders like peptic ulcers.

Alternative & Safe Anti-Inflammatories

Research has shown that medical marijuana has potent anti-inflammatory qualities. And instead of blocking COX-1 & COX-2 enzymes, cannabis works naturally on your endocannabinoid system, which means that in some cases they may even be more effective than over-the-counter pain pills! In fact, studies have shown that patients prefer medical marijuana over opioids, an extremely potent and dangerous type of pain pill.

It is important to note that not all forms of marijuana are anti-inflammatory. Marijuana that is burned – or smoked – is not safe. Smoke produces carcinogens that are inflammatory. If you plan on participating in the medical marijuana program in Cincinnati or the Ohio area, make sure that you choose a form of cannabis that is safe. Patients with pain can use edibles, topical patches or creams, and even vaporization for pain relief.

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