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Internal House Cleaning: 10 Ways To Cleanse Your Body

Most of us have intentions of eating well, but daily tasks and habits steer us to faster, pre- processed foods. We often eat on the run, and rarely eat the nutrient-dense foods that our bodies live on best. Research confirms that the average American diet

Thermography & Infrared Breast Cancer Screening

Breast thermography is a non-invasive scan that provides an image of the physiology of breast tissue and vascularity via temperature variations. Used as an adjunctive tool for breast cancer risk assessment, it is a no-contact, radiation-free scan that can be used for women under 40,

Doctors who have attended Dr. Blatman’s training seminars

Most doctors who are doing trigger point injection therapies were only taught by their chief resident other residency training instructor. Dr. Blatman was taught by Dr. Janet Travell, who started teaching the techniques in the 1940’s! He is now teaching holistic myofascial medicine to health

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