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Sports Related Muscle Injuries

Physical activity and sports related muscle injuries wear out our parts, and more aggressive  activity wears our parts out more quickly. There are lots of examples in those who were professional athletes in their younger years. Despite this, exercise is one of the best therapies

Repetitive Strain Injury and Myofascial Pain Syndrome

During the last few years I have followed the postings to online Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) discussion lists with considerable interest, and have occasionally offered some suggestions for myofascial pain sufferers. Scott Wright encouraged me to write this FAQ to assist in understanding myofascial pain,

Guanhu Yang, Ph.D. does Chinese Acupuncture in Cincinnati Ohio

Guanhu Yang, Ph.D. does Chinese Acupuncture in Cincinnati, Ohio Guanhu Yang has 14 years of experience in Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing in China and Japan. He sees patients at the Blatman Pain Clinic. What is Acupuncture, and what kinds of diseases can

Photonic Stimulation

Light therapies have been used for healing since early recorded history. In ancient times, this “Heliotherapy” was based upon religious beliefs and superstitions. By the end of the 19th century, sunlight was proven to kill bacteria. Sun baths were used to treat scurvy, rickets, edema,

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions

Muscles can cause many seemingly different pain conditions. Pulled muscles can cause mild soreness, as well as very severe sharp and stabling or radiating pain. Old injuries like recurrent back and shoulder problems that seem to “act up” after certain physical activities are mostly related

Nutrition In Treating and Managing Chronic Pain

“I GAVE UP MY LIFE FOR THIS ILLNESS. I’M NOT GIVING UP MY FOOD!” Healing from pain is like healing from any other malady, and nutrition plays a significant role in that process. After all, we build our bodies in the kitchen, not the gym.

The Mathematics of Pain

In our lives, certain activities contribute to increasing our pain. In turn, certain treatments add up to decrease pain. These concepts and relationships can be described in terms of a mathematical equation. First, accept that in a chronic pain condition, there is always some degree

Treating Headaches: Frequently Asked Questions

Headaches are categorized into different types according to their characteristics. They can vary in severity from mild, to severe and disabling. Some seem to start in the back of the head, and others feel like they come from the sinuses. They can last from a

Fibromyalgia: Frequently Asked Questions

It can be frustrating to have persistent neck, shoulder, or lower back pain and wonder if it will ever disappear. If the underlying cause is fibromyalgia, you may see a doctor who says that fibromyalgia does not exist, or they simply hand them a pamphlet

EEG Biofeedback

Our cognitive activity is inextricably linked with our physical health and well-being. Chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical or heavy metal toxins, and head trauma are examples of injuries or disorders that can compromise brain functioning. If you have experienced trauma to the brain either through injury

Internal House Cleaning: 10 Ways To Cleanse Your Body

Most of us have intentions of eating well, but daily tasks and habits steer us to faster, pre- processed foods. We often eat on the run, and rarely eat the nutrient-dense foods that our bodies live on best. Research confirms that the average American diet

Thermography & Infrared Breast Cancer Screening

Breast thermography is a non-invasive scan that provides an image of the physiology of breast tissue and vascularity via temperature variations. Used as an adjunctive tool for breast cancer risk assessment, it is a no-contact, radiation-free scan that can be used for women under 40,

Doctors who have attended Dr. Blatman’s training seminars

Most doctors who are doing trigger point injection therapies were only taught by their chief resident other residency training instructor. Dr. Blatman was taught by Dr. Janet Travell, who started teaching the techniques in the 1940’s! He is now teaching holistic myofascial medicine to health

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