Are You a Man Who Silently Suffers from Urinary Stress Incontinence? You’re Not Alone

Men put up with a lot. We’ll drive for hours before we ever ask for directions. And we don’t like to admit we’re wrong. They say it’s the testosterone or something. Whatever it is, we don’t like it.

And we don’t like to admit we suffer from urinary stress incontinence, even to our doctors behind closed doors. In fact, a majority of men put up with it for two years before seeking help. And a third of men will suffer for 5 years before they seek treatment, according to a recent study published in Urology.

What is Urinary Stress Incontinence?

Urinary stress incontinence is a condition when physical exertion or stress, like coughing, lifting something heavy, or exercise, causes your bladder to accidentally leak urine. About 13 million people suffer from it.

More Men Suffer Than You Think

Most people think of urinary stress incontinence as a problem faced by women, particularly pregnant women, recent moms or older women. Indeed, about 85% of all cases are women. And it’s more common than we think. Roughly 25% to 45% of women report some type of urinary stress incontinence.

But men suffer from it too, though at about half the rate of women. Roughly a third of older men have reported symptoms of urinary stress incontinence.

In fact, it turns out that male urinary stress incontinence is about as comparatively common as depression or hating your bulging waistline.

Psychological Consequences

Urinary stress incontinence can also exacerbate depression. “Male SUI is rare but is known to have significant negative psychosocial and emotional effects and represents a common reason for post-treatment anxiety and depression,” said Dr. Allen Morey, Professor of Urology at UT Southwestern and senior author of the study.

Simple But Effective Treatment Available

But you don’t have to suffer in silence. Minor surgeries can boost or replace weakened muscles. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can also grow new muscle tissue around the urethra. The process can be done in less than 45 minutes.

So do you can keep driving all night and suffer urinary stress incontinence in silence, or pull over and ask for directions? Effective treatment is available. Maybe it’s time to live life to the fullest again and be free of embarrassment. Give us a call.

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