Are Stem Cells Worth the Price Tag?

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When it comes to stem cells, more people are choosing to use them over invasive surgeries. But how much do stem cells cost and are they worth the price tag? Let’s take a look.

One of the primary concerns with stem cell treatment is the price tag. The exact cost varies depending on the type of injection you need and where you live. Plus, insurance typically does not cover stem cells because it’s considered an “experimental procedure.”

Despite this, emerging clinical studies suggest that stem cells can be an effective option for people suffering from conditions like nerve damage, joint pain, and more.

So that leaves the question: is stem cell therapy cost worth it?

Comparing Stem Cells to Traditional Treatments

Most people choose stem cells as an alternative to conventional treatments or because there’s simply no other option available. For example, patients who are struggling with osteoarthritis of the knee may opt for stem cell injections. This is because western medicine has very limited options in treating cartilage deterioration of the knee. In these situations, patients are usually prescribed pain medication and may be recommended physical therapy. If those things don’t work, doctors will usually recommend knee replacement surgery.

And with research finding that knee surgery is a waste, some people are beginning to pursue other options like stem cells. Whether you’re trying to avoid knee surgery, or you’d just prefer stem cells, you might be wondering if it’s worth the cost. The answer depends on what your goals are. Stem cells are different than, for example, knee replacement surgery. Knee replacements are a temporary band-aid to a much larger problem. These replacements don’t last forever and there’s generally some form of permanent side-effect like nerve damage, limited range of motion, and chronic pain.

On the other hand, stem cells work to rebuild the cartilage in your knee joint, which may help restore youthful function of your knee. That means that stem cells aren’t just a band-aid like knee surgery is.

And when it comes to cost, stem cells are significantly cheaper. On average, knee replacement surgery can cost up to $49,500 per knee. Plus, some studies have shown new knees can fall apart in less than 10 years, which means you might end up spending a lot of money if you opt for surgery.

So, if you’re wondering if stem cell costs are worth it, most patients would say yes. There are countless stories of patients who were able to reduce painful nerve damage and heal damaged joints with stem cells. And that’s pretty amazing!

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