A New Approach: Stem Cell Cells Harvested from You & Unharmed Babies 

There’s a common misconception to stem cell therapy: Aren’t stem cells harvested from aborted fetuses?

These days, stem cells can be taken from your own bone marrow, abdominal fat, or are sometimes donated by healthy mothers from healthy live birth infants, using placenta, and umbilical cord products, not from aborted fetuses.

Healthy Bodies, Unharmed Babies

We always tell our patients: No fetuses were harmed in the production of your stem cells. There’s simply no need. We can get healthier tissue from your existing tissue, or from a healthy baby and mom who continue to be healthy when it’s all said and done.

These days, the donation of stem cells is more like the donation of blood. Only good can come of it. In fact, many lives can be saved. In addition to stem cell injections to heal injuries, urinary stress incontinence, and back and shoulder pains, stem cells are being used to develop innovative and potentially life saving cures to address muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, and heart disease.

Where Does the Moral Concern Come From?

In the early 2000s and the beginning days of stem cell research, stem cells were taken primarily from aborted fetuses. This lead to a ban under the Bush administration because of ethical concerns raised by anti-abortion activists. That ban has since been lifted and more ethical, less morally ambiguous ways to harvest stem cells have been developed.

Stem Cell Therapy in a Nutshell

Though it remains unclear how exactly stem cells work, there is a growing and compelling body of evidence that they work — and do so effectively for a number of ailments. In fact, stem cells can be helpful for a wide range of conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Parkinson’s; Crohn’s disease; Lyme disease; cardiomyopathy; stroke; lower back, knee, and hip pain.

As cells in our blood, gut, skin, and fat age and die, they need to be replaced with new cells. Our stem cells divide as much as needed to repair and replace them. Scientists currently reason that injected stem cells exert a powerful healing benefits, secreting proteins to improve blood flow, tamp inflammation, and aid in recovery.

How do the stem cells know exactly where to go and what to do? Scientists aren’t exactly sure. Nature is mysterious and wonderful.

“The stem cells are so smart, all you have to do is turn them loose,” CSN co-founder and Palm Springs urologist Elliot Lander told Men’s Health. “They float around to different areas of the body and fix them.”

Stem Cell Treatments Offered by Dr. Blatman

Dr. Blatman uses stem cell injection therapy to treat a wide variety of conditions including joint pain, tendon and ligament injuries, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, and much more. Essentially, we can use stem cells to effectively treat any condition that involves degeneration of tissue, joint, or organ. Give us a call to see what might be the best approach for you.

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