ABW TV: Hal Blatman, M.D. on Pain Relief ABW Radio: Monty Taylor on 2020 What to Look out For 2-16-2020

Dr. Hal S. Blatman

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This week on ABW TV, Monday, 2-10, 7pm (click on newsletter link to see what MNN channel per your provider), Mitchell speaks with renowned physician Dr. Hal Blatman about his book on Pain Relief and his holistically-oriented, innovative work in this space.  Dr. Blatman works out of Cincinnati and New York City.   For more, see: https://blatmanhealthandwellness.com/dr-blatman/

This week on ABW Radio, Mitchell dialogues with Jungian Astrologer Monty Taylor discussing 2020 and what we have to look forward to!

Friend and colleague, Chi-Kung Teacher Robert Peng, is again offering an on-line course this month which I have taken with him before (among others) and it’s very grounding and enriching.  It is offered through A Better World.  Just click for more information or to register here:  https://robert-peng-qigong.teachable.com/?affcode=239104_cwa56s8a

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