6 Natural Ways to Feel Younger & Healthier

Age is not just a number. Take a look at your classmates on Facebook. Many will look years apart — some will look their age, others will seem to be decades older than the rest, a few lucky ones won’t seem to have aged at all. Fortunately, looking young doesn’t require a fountain of youth. The secret really comes down to leading a healthy lifestyle. Other procedures like photorejuvenation and stem cell therapy may also have benefits. Here are 6 things you can do to look and feel younger, not to mention healthier.

Practice Good Posture

Do you catch yourself slouched over in your chair, hunched over your computer? This is terrible for your back and neck. It can even lead to health problems such as chronic headaches, breathing problems, and neck pain. Plus, it can make you look older.

Even if you sit at lot at a desk or a computer during the day, there are certain exercises you can do to counteract bad posture. Rock your pelvis as you sit, for example. Get up from time to time, stretch and take a walk. Roll your shoulders up and back, and then down as you breathe in and out.

Eat Plenty of Curry

Curry — a favorite in Indian and Thai foods — isn’t just good — it’s good for you. Curry may actually boost your mental capabilities, according to recent research out of Singapore which found that people who ate curry diets scored better on cognitive tests. Turmeric, a common spice in curries, contains curcumin, a plant that has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and cholesterol-lowering properties.

Take a Break

Modern life is stressful. Most people work too much, and the resulting stress and anxiety fills our bodies with adrenaline and cortisol — stress hormones that can age us prematurely. Give yourself a break. Take a walk in the woods. Meditate. Even taking 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee and think about nothing but your own contentment in the world can help. Push yourself too far and you can easily fall off a cliff.

Exercise (Play More)

Regular exercise improves the mood, fills the body with positive hormones, and can even lead to better sleep. It can even help keep the skin younger because of the increased blood flow and hormonal changes. So yes, it is a foundation of youth of sorts.

Here’s a tip for your exercise: Don’t make it a chore. Find an exercise you actually like to do. If you enjoy biking, bike for the pure fun of it. If you are an avid hiker, do it for recreation. Consider signing up for a karate or spin class, practice Tai Chi, or get yourself a pool membership and swim regularly.

Just because we’re grown doesn’t mean we stop playing. Keep the fun in exercise and you’ll be more likely to follow through.

Use Skin Supplements

There are a number of supplements you can give your skin that will help to smooth out wrinkles. Retinol, an over the counter type of vitamin A can encourage your skin to peel off dead layers for a silkier and more supple surface. Alpha lipoic acid, produced naturally by the body, can be very effective at reducing wrinkles, improving skin texture, and tightening pores.

Try a TempSure Envi Treatment

TempSure Envi uses radiofrequency waves to naturally heat the body and increase the body’s natural production of collagen — encouraging more supple, healthier and younger looking skin. The treatment can be highly effective at removing crow’s feet and other wrinkles. It encourages the skin to grow tighter, denser fibers.

The Blatman Health and Wellness Center is the Cincinnati to feature this new technology. The beauty of TempSure Envi is that it continuously monitors tissue temperature and time of exposure, guaranteeing consistency of treatment results.

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